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Political Advertising and Strategies- Second Place is First Loser.

MediaOne Communications will plan and execute your political campaign from start to finish with flawless execution. From Town Council seats to Congressional candidates, If you’re seeking political office, MediaOne Communications has one goal… to make sure that you win on Election Day.

From complete Radio and Television Campaigns and Political Websites to Palm Cards, Direct Mail Pieces, Polling, Campaign Logos and Signs, Press Releases, News Media Event Planning, New Social Media and Billboards. MediaOne Communications will develop a creative researched-based campaign that will Out-Hustle, Out-Communicate and Out-Campaign the second place candidate.
How we do it…

MediaOne Communications, LLC is a public relations and political strategies firm based in Syracuse and Albany, New York that provides consulting and communications for  businesses, political candidates, and issue advocacy campaigns across New York State.
MediaOne was founded in three key principles: expertise developed through experience, partnerships with local industry leaders, and cost effective costs that are passed onto the client. We possess best-in-class communications skills to serve as a strategic partner to your organization to help you reach your goals.
In today’s world, winning a local campaign demands hard work and the right messaging. At MediaOne Communications we work with our clients to tailor a unique, cost effective campaign plan by utilizing strategies at the local level that are normally reserved for large scale operations. We will persuade voters to consider the key question in a campaign… How will voting for you change their life?

We offer a wide-variety of services for candidates and local businesses, including: Complete media campaigns, radio, television and print with strategic media placement for optimum return on investment. Public relations consulting, message development, social media, campaign strategy, grassroots organizing, crisis communications, graphic design, and micro-targeting.




  • Strategy Development
  • Social Media Training/Campaigns
  • Television and radio production
  • Strategic Media Distribution
  • Promotional Packets
  • Press Releases, Media Advisories, & Letters
  • Speech Writing
  • Reputation Management
  • Event Planning
  • Palm Cards & Political Mail Pieces
  • Photo Shoots
  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • New Media Strategy


  • Targeted Door-to-Door Campaigns
  • Volunteer Training
  • GOTV Operations Planning
  • Absentee Ballot Programs


  • Finance Training
  • Fundraising Letters
  • Event Planning

Public Relations

  • Crisis Communications
  • Text/Graphic Design for Advertising Campaigns
  • Business/Project Media Strategy


For public relations professionals, social media is changing the way the game is played. Outlets like Facebook, My Space and twitter provide companies the chance to bypass the MSM and develop direct relationships with their customers. With over 300 million users registered with social media outlets, you can’t afford not to be connected. MediaOne Communications will work with your organization to develop an effective social media strategy that will keep you up to speed in today's fast paced, technology driven business environment.


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