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Hitting the Target - Eyes on the Bullseye
You can’t hit a target or goal if you don’t know what it is. You wouldn’t ask a physician to perform surgery on you without knowing what was wrong and how it was going to be corrected. Without having a sound plan and understanding to what your advertising goals are, you’re counting on luck to hit your goal. That can be a very expensive strategy.
Most TV and radio stations work from the philosophy… Shoot… Ready… Aim.
At MediaOne Communications we believe that prescription without diagnosis equals malpractice. We won’t pull the trigger on your target until we know what that target is and have a plan designed on getting you there.

Concept - Separating You From Your Competition.
When creating an advertising campaign it is of the utmost importance to make sure your commercial is on message. You can invest, and advertising is aninvestment, thousands of dollars into an ad campaign and not generate any return if the potential customer doesn’t get the message. MediaOne works with our clients to ensure that the message created in their advertising is the message that will generate the return they are looking for… delivering more customers.

Research - What Are Customers Telling You?
We utilize internal and external primary and secondary resources, including focus groups and telephone interviews. MediaOne Communications can also provide phone polling and phone messaging services. In an ever changing market we will always make sure our clients are one step ahead of their competition.